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The realistic stranded fish movements of zaFish will keep your cats entertained for hours. Made from a soft fabric, zaFish contains a porous re-fillable catnip bag that will entice your cats to touch the fish, which will activate the motion sensor and the tail flap will cycle through the three movement modes.  When not in use, the zaFish toy will go into auto sleep once the tail flap movements stop. There is no need to turn off the zaFish unless you don’t want it to move (eg: overnight).

  • Innovative: Fully charged in one hour and one charge provides 150 movement cycles as well as a motion Sensor off/on

  • Simple: Easy to use and replacement covers are available

  • Interactive: The tail flap has 3 movement modes


Build a maze by joining up the straight and 3-way Y tunnel!
A new and exclusive product from the zaKatz range of toys, the zaTunnel is something cats will love, to run through, hide in, attack each with one on the outside and one on the inside. Crinkle paper integrated into the tunnel entrances provides that bit of extra fun and temptation, making a noise when entering or jumping on the tunnel. A hanging ball at one end further entices activity.
The zaTunnel is a great way to interactively play with your cat, but also provides 2 or more cats hours of fun and exercise on their own

  • Innovative: Loops and buttons allow 2 or more straight or the straight and the 3-Way Y Tunnels to be connected

  • Simple: Keep the bag you zaTunnel arrives in to fold it up in seconds for safe storage or easy travel

  • Practical: Made of strong, tear-resistant polyester wrapped around a spring steel spiral with protective ends, this tunnel will stand up to a lot of punishment for a long time


the zaBed window Sunny Seat for cats, holds at least 20kg. Easily assembled in a minute, this cat bed will immediately become a favourite spot for your cat to look down upon its slave. For one fat cat or many cats, the sturdy construction can support at least 20Kg, dependent on the suckers being applied properly on a cleaned window. The canvas seat is easily removed for cleaning, but you can also cover it with a blanket or cushion for that extra bit of comfort. In bigger windows, several zaBed Sunny Seats can be positioned as steps, allowing your cat to literally reach new heights.

  • Innovative: Make use of the unused space in your window

  • Simple: Assembled in a minute, the big suckers can also easily be replaced when required

  • Practical: The canvas cover is easily removed and cleaned

  • Comfortable: Size of the bed is 33cm x 54cm


Our range of cat toys begins with the zaBird, the best interactive cat toy for outdoors, with 6 different attachments that can be added or exchanged.

Manufactured to our own specifications, this rod feather toy is the evolution of years of playing with cats using various stick toys. Extreme flexibility, comfortable handle and durability are some of its key properties.

  • Innovative: A unique toy for pets with a hunting drive and like to catch things

  • Interactive: Bond with your dog and create trust as you engage in interactive play

  • Versatile: 10 different interchangeable Refills to always provide a new and interesting variation

  • Practical: The approximately 105cm long stick can be collapsed in seconds for easy
    stowing in a drawer

  • Interchangable attachments: Easy to exchange refill using the clip – open up, replace,
    close, done


The zaBouncer is the ultimate interactive cat toy for inside, with an extra long handle to allow for comfortable playing in bed, on your couch or on the floor.

  • The designer toy that will definitely animate your cat to play
  • Ideal for cat appropriate hunting and jumping games, indoor and outside
  • Long (66cm), flexible but strong stick for comfortable play without the strain
  • Made of real feathers that give your cat the feeling of having caught a bird
  • Hand twisted, rustling plastic foil for additional attraction and conditioning
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