Can Crusher

Brought to you by zaKatz toys, the Mackerel Touch Activated zaFish


  • Easy to use
  • The tail flap has 3 movement modes
  • Motion Sensor off/on
  • Re-fillable porous Catnip bag
  • Re-chargeable Micro USB
  • Fully charged in one hour and one charge provides 150 movement cycles
  • Replacement covers are available

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The ideal gift for those who consume a lot of cans that fill up the bin and want to reduce space. A great addition to the bar that may result in more cans being drunk than normal!

Brought to you by Meister Trading, the Can Crusher can be mounted on a wall, bench or table and has a lot of leverage due to the long handle. This ensures that only a small effort is required when crushing cans up to 500ml in size and anything smaller.

–  Integrated bottle opener
– Compacts cans to 20% of their original size
– Soft handle for a firm grip when pulling down the handle
– Long handle to increase leverage for easy crushing of cans
– Lightweight yet sturdy when fastened to a wall with the supplied screws and wall plugs

Do not try and crush cans without pinch/ denting them in the middle. Cans have a high inherent crush resistance when in perfect condition and will require a lot more force to start the crushing, which could result in the can popping out of the can crusher.
Always ensure the can is completely empty before crushing a can to avoid spillage.
Do not burn.

What’s in the box:
1 x Can Crusher
3 x Screws
3 x Wall plugs


Additional information

Product Information

If your cat love it when it crackles, rustles or shines, then the Glitter Refill is just the right addition! The silver-green glitter is composed of tinsel-like paper foil, is extremely light and flexible.

It swirls through the air noisily or swings across the floor, the reflective and sparkling strands attracting even the comfiest cat from its cushion. It is the easisest of the Refills to pull away from your cat when it has been caught. Carefully handmade, the Glitter Refill will endure many hours of play with your raving natural hunters.

We recommend using the Glitter Refill with the zaBird cat rod, it can however be attached to many cat rods. The replacement is fast and easy!

Please Note: The zaBird is an interactive cat toy and should never be left unattended with your cat. When your cat has caught the end piece, take it away from it right away. The game is about catching, not chewing. The rod is collapsible for a reason, to put it away in a draw where your cat cannot get to it, which it will try!

– Warranty: Based on manufacturing defects

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